15 signs you are raising a Hippy baby


How many of these describes your child?

Alternative, Attachment parent, Holistic, Natural, free range, hippy or crunchy. Whatever label you prefer it conjures up an image while stereotypical, isn't always entirely inaccurate. When you are a bit ‘alternative’ yourself you are often on the look out for like minded mothers, scouring the baby groups for the one mum that might approach parenting the way you do, and the best way to identify them, is to look at their babies. 

Here are some signs that you are looking at a possible hippy baby.

1. They are wearing an Amber teething necklace.

2. They got a thick bum because of the layers of Cloth nappies.
3. All things rainbow seem to be a recurring theme in their clothing.
4. Their jacket is handmade or made from ethically sourced Wool, possibly with more rainbows.
5. When sleepy they go in a carrier or wrap instead of a pram.
6. They run around with a carrot and solid pieces of fruit in their hand when other babies are fed purée.
7. Summer time on the grass is barefoot or naked baby time.
8. Cloth wipes and handkerchiefs are used to wipe up drool and snot.
9. The baby girls wear boys clothes, or their pink dresses features spaceships and dinosaurs.
10. The baby boy has at least one pink shirt, just because.
11. No matter the parents income, baby owns a collection of expensive organic cotton babygrows.
12. Baby communicate with sign language that they want milk.
13. All the babies, bottles, eating utensils and packaging is, glass or stainless steel.
14. Baby when not barefooted, wears moccasins instead of shoes.
15. There is a complete absence of brands, or heavily advertised children characters from its wardrobe.
So, what was your score?

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