Gadget review: No Spill Gyro Food Bowl


I love a good gadget, especially one that promises to simplify my life. I was automatic drawn to the 'No spill Giro bowl' out of childlike intrigue and to be honest, the price did helped. You can pick this thing up most places for under 5£, it's cheap and cheerful and the quality reflects it. A part of me would have loved to spend a little more for a better quality one, but you get what you pay for. 

So what is it: This is a no spill bowl that always stays horizontal no matter which way the baby to toddler holds it. If they grab the handle and turn it upside down the bowl spins and remains upright.

So does it work? Mostly yes...ish.... In the random arm waving of a toddle that is just holding onto it without any thought, it keeps correcting itself and prevent spillage. If dropped, shook vigorously or tossed, its content will go flying.

That said, I accept my little dragon will find a way to make a mess no matter what clever contraption I've bought, and if the item reduces the spillage by 50% its normal amount then it's a win in my book. I recommend only using dry snacks in it though.

Does it have flaws? The quality is the most notable one. Firstly it kept getting stuck, but continued use seemed to improve it. Secondly the plastic is of the cheapest and most flimsy quality anybody could manufacture, but they do sell these suspiciously cheap. Third, the bowl came loose in my hands at one point but snapped back into place and worked as it did before. Last but not least, it's a giro, all giro stops working after a certain amount of shock, it's no point expecting too much from this.

Is it at least fun? Yes. It's colourful, unique and functional.

Verdicts: It works, within realistic expectations. Would have loved a better quality one but you get what you pay for. It is a fun gadget, and I think it will serve us well when dragon is handling dry snacks. I will be using it, I can see it becoming handy when little dragon is sitting and snacking like in his car seat.

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