Homemade non-toxic all-purpose cleaner


As big fans of Baby led weaning, our little dragon frequently feed straight from his tray. No bowls and no plates, spaghetti, fried eggs and slices of banana is dumped unceremoniously in-front of him, providing both sensory play and lunch. Once done, I quickly wipe his tray down, and it didn't take long before I became concerned with what I was cleaning with. 

On one hand I needed something strong enough to remove tomato sauce and smeared yoghurt. On the other, I wanted it to be non-toxic so that he could lick the surface without a worry. To top it off, being a busy dragonmother, I did not have time to brew some complex concoction needing speciality ingredients and exact measurements.

This is why this quick all-purpose cleaner is such a great discovery. As somebody who isn't a huge fan of strong vinegar smell, this one smells of fragrant orangey loveliness.

Distilled White Vinegar: 568ml
Organic orange peel: As many as you can cram in.
Orange essential oil: 5 - 10 drops (optional)
A large mason Jar. 

Place all ingredients in a large mason jar, and leave to sit for two weeks minimum, until the liquid have turned a pleasant orange colour. Strain and pour into a spray bottle.

Tips: As most pesticide reside in the skin of the fruit, it's best to use organic if possible but it's not a must. You can always start with one orange peel to begin with and add more through the weeks as you eat your way through your fruit bowl. While you don't need more than 5 drops of Orange essence, some people who are not fans of the pungent vinegar smell might want to add a few more.

Tips: Alternatively experiment with adding other things to the jar, such as fresh rosemary, lavender or other oils.

Trick: If you are somebody who worry about plastic contamination, there are some nice large glass bottles with plastic spray nozzle available on the market. Most 28mm Trigger spray nozzles will fit on a standard large Vinegar bottle. For a quick guide on how to make your own, check out this [Link].

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