Parent Hack: Self-Adhesive hooks on the back of the highchair


As a ‘Baby Led Weaning’ family, we get through quite a few messy bibs in a week. Before this simple hack, we could spend precious time every morning searching for where the last batch of clean bibs had been placed. For parents like myself, minutes are ‘gold dust’, and now they hang up neatly on the back of my sons high chair (seen in the picture). 

The hooks are your common stick on, self Adhesive type you can find at any hardware store, no screws or nails are necessary. 

Tip: If you have an inquisitive and active dragon boy like myself, you might want to invest in the stronger versions of the hooks. A high reaching baby and toddler can be tempted to pull, and explore the hooks, or tug on the bibs with all their weight.

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