Cleaning Hack: Turn your Vinegar bottle into a free glass container for your DIY cleaners.


Vinegar is not just an amazing cleaning product (click here for an brilliant citrus based all-purpose cleaner ), but you can also turn the bottle itself to a perfect sized non-plastic spray bottle (the nozzle being the exception). 

As 'Green' parents, we try and cut back on our dependency on plastic. Glass is easily cleaned, reused, recycled and removes any fear of contamination through the plastic leaching into its content. That does not say we don’t own plastic utensils, just not for anything that stores any liquid or food for any length of time.
This is double when it comes to what baby gets in contact with. That is why this bottle is perfect for storing our home made all-purpose cleaner that we uses to wipe own Little Dragons tray with.

What you do:

Step 1: Buy a 568ml standard bottle of Vinegar (UK) with a screw top lid, Use up the vinegar.
Step 2: Soak bottle in boiling water until the label is saturated and remove it with a blunt knife, scraping and wiping off the remainder glue.
Step 3: Buy or reuse a 28mm spray nozzle, cut the tube to length.

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