A simple Essential Oil Trick, for bath and bed time to induce sleepiness


“Days when little dragon is a getting close to a state of over tiredness, there is nothing quite like a warm bath to return him to a tranquil and sleepy state. I turn the light down, and while he will splash around frantically, I’ll make sure my own energy is calm and relaxed.” 

There is however one trick that often seems to help both of us get there a little quicker. 

I personally believe in the power of Lavender, this beautiful and fragrant flower with anti-inflammatory properties, is also known for it’s sleep inducing qualities. Some people will make it in to a spray, rub it on their skin or put a few drops in the bath water, but with soaps, creams, oils and other products the scent can often be lost. 

So I instead turn the hot water tap on in the sink and fill the basin about 10%. 3 – 5 drops of lavender, and the bathroom swims in its powerful fragrance within seconds, separate from what is happening in the tub. 

When we leave the bathroom, I often have a sleepy little dragon wrapped up in a cosy towel and draped over my shoulder, yawning. 

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  1. I love this idea! Way more calming than an exciting bath - because as soothing as a bath is for us, it's just seems energizing for the 'littles'. Thx, I'm sharing this on my www.facebook.com/littlequiverblog page this evening 8pm CST♥