Baby Led Weaning Recipe: 2-Ingredient Pancakes


Pancakes that only contains two ingredients. You read that right, which makes them not only the healthiest pancakes around, but also super quick to make.

There are no food my son loves more  than Bananas, and eggs, though normally on their own. This recipe combines those exact two ingredients making delicious pancakes that is too tasty to survive until the next day. This recipe wasn't originally made for babies, but has been floating around on the internet in the health food section as a guilt free treat. With no milk and no flour, it’s perfect for parents of babies that are a bit food sensitive. It's also very useful to know on the days your food cupboards are a little bare. 


1 large banana
2 medium eggs

Mash banana in a bowl with a fork until mushy, and chunky. Crack two eggs into the bowl and whisk until you have what feels and looks like a standard pancake batter.
Cook on the hob on medium to low heat.
TIP: Avoid putting it in any type of mixer, as it will ruin the consistency, turning the batter into liquid. 

And that’s it! 

To create a bit of variety, try adding some of these extra ingredients: 
Cocoa powder 
Fresh blueberries 
Lemon Juice 
For thicker batter: add a bit of flour. 
For fluffier pancakes: add a bit of baking powder. 

Sugar shouldn't be necessary as the banana is already providing the sweetness.

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