Food Waste Tip: Use this easy trick to check if your eggs are still fresh.


‘We go through a lot of eggs in our household, and with a relative that keeps chicken, we are never short of supply. That said, once the weeks roll by it can be difficult to remember how old the eggs are, and same for store-bought. Sure you can look at the date, but we all know that it’s not always that reliable. When wishing to reduce food waste, last you want to do is to throw out perfectly good eggs.’

The most common advice when checking an egg, is to simply crack it in a glass and give it a sniff. But what if you wish to boil it? What if you want to check a whole batch in one sitting? There is a way.


Pour fresh (not salt) water half way into a glass or bowl.
Lower the egg gently in and watch.

If it sinks, it is safe to eat
If it floats, throw it out

Eggs shells are porous, and when an egg decomposes, water and gases are released through the shell causing the whites and the yolk to shrink. This in turn creates a large air pocket, and the bigger the air pocket, the more it will float.

Eggs that lie at an angle, gently bounces at first or stands on its point are still fresh enough to be eaten, but are no longer at its freshest. 

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