How to live without baby-wipes, and what to do instead.


In the pursuit to go Greener, getting rid of the baby-wipes is definitely one of the easier changes one can do. There are many reasons why one should ditch the wet wipes, the top reasons being…

- You save money
- No more waste
- No fear of toxic chemicals
- Some wipes can cause rashes, and allergic reactions
- Your baby will no longer stink of rubbing alcohol and perfume 

I could delve into the hazardous chemicals found in some baby wipes, but there are sites with more suitable people listing those.

Instead I will share with you my personal Baby-wipe free routine.

What we use instead
In our household we use cloth wipes. Personally I use small squares made from Terrycloth, they are rough on one side and soft on the other. They absorbs water brilliantly, is heavy duty, and is normally pretty cheap. 

A packet of 10 unbranded white Terry cloth wipes costs around 5£, and you will need around 25 - 30 for wiping the babies bottom. Some people like buying separate coloured, patterned or organic Terry wipes for cleaning babies face and hands.

Our routine for wiping the bottom

How you wipe your babies bottom is different from parent to parent, but here is our method that works for us.

Step 1.
Judge the situation, if there is a lot of bits stuck to the skin, give a quick wipe over with toilet paper (never soak) and discard.

Step 2. Soak half of Terry cloth in water and using rough side, wipe the bottom until it’s completely clean.
Step 3. Turn cloth over, and with the soft dry side, wipe off excess water.
Step 4. Throw dirty wipe in the laundry, and dress baby.

Tip A:
There has never been a situation in which a mess was so bad that we had to turn to something else than water. However if that is a concern, I have heard a bit of olive oil on a cotton ball does wonders. Not only does it lift the mess, but is a great on minor nappy rashes.

Tips B:
While water works fine, an effective and quick nappy solution is to boil a cup of Camomile tea in the morning and use that to wipe your babies bottom with. Just leave the tea bag in until it’s warm enough to be used, and then store it in a tupperware box or a small Thermos flask if you wish to maintain its warmth. Camomile has a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Be warned that if you do this, you will forever think of poo, when served a cup of Camomile tea.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. We get so used to conveniences sometimes we don't think about the waste not to mention the questionable ingredients included in baby wipes or really most mass-produced personal care products. In the US, any time you see the word fragrance on the label it could be any one of 3000 ingredients, most untested and many toxic. Sharing on Pinterest.

    1. Oh indeed, through commercials, movies and tv shows, we see parents removing the disposable nappy, cleaning with baby wipes, using some baby powder, rubbing in some baby oil or nappy cream. It's very easy to assume that is how it's meant to be done and if you truly love and care for your baby you need to buy all of these products, without stopping to think "Is there another way?" But it is nice to see that once people break away from one such habit, it can be what makes them question if there are more things that could be done differently. It's like somebody cracking open a door. :)