Living in South West England and raised by a Scandinavian mother, and an English father, this is a blog following the adventures of 'Little Dragon'. Both parents being a bit nerdy, bit hippy, but also very fond of their modern luxuries, we try and strike a balance between living comfortably and still being conscious about what footprints and messages we are leaving behind.

We are into, cooking from scratch, baking, simple craft, photography, gardening, and sustainable living. We try and choose a frugal lifestyle and spend the savings on high quality produce, clothes, furniture and outdoor activities.

Our parenting style is to follow your parental instincts, responding to dragons needs and our own internal voice. We breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear, and does baby led weaning, all peppered throughout with geekery and a hint of scandinavia.

Mother of Dragon, is a professional illustrator, a bit of a foodie that loves to cook, and often puts her hands to photography, baking, craft, sowing, and design.
Father of Dragon, works in IT, and loves the outdoors. He likes gardening, biking, hiking, swimming and sometimes puts his hands to baking.

If you have a professional interest in this blog, have a similar blog and would like to work with us, have questions or simply want to chat/befriend us, you can contact us by Howtoraiseadragon@gmail.com